Transit Shed
PRefridgerated Storage (Reefers)

Transit Shed 

At the Port of Kingstown, the SVGPA operates a 100 x 15 metre transit shed. Cold storage facilities are provided at the Port Authority's container yards. Cargo discharged from vessels larger than 180 nrt must be stowed in the transit shed, Cargo received from vessels smaller than 180 nrt is stored in the Queens Warehouse.

Storage space is at a premium so it is vital for consignees to clear their goods promptly. Importers who fail to clear their goods in reasonable time will incur financial penalties as imposed by Customs in conjunction with the Port Authority, which operates the Transit Shed and Queen's Warehouse No 2.

Five working days of free storage is allowed by the Port Authority before rental charges are imposed. After 14 working days, goods will be transferred to Queen's Warehouse No 2 under Customs control and additional fees will be charged, Goods still unclaimed after three months will be sold at public auction. Treatment of working days is Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Refridgerated Storage (Reefers)

At Campden Park Container Port (CPCP), capacity is available for storage of refridgerated containers, also referred to as "reefers". 13 connections are available.