Customer Guidelines at Xmas


  • Go to your Shipping Agent and do the following:

    • Present your personal photo ID

    • Your Shipping Agent would supply a Delivery Form, Customs Bill of Sight and ASYCUDA++ Bill-of-Lading

    • Inquire from your Shipping Agent the location site (Kingstown/ Campden Park) of your cargo (barrel/package)

    • If your cargo is located at Kingstown your cargo will be at one of the following two (2) sites:

      1. Port Authority's Transit Shed

        Located on the Port's main compound with entrance opposite Royal Bazaar uptown

      2. Geest/WIBDECO Shed

        Located at the entrance opposite Budgmart or KFC uptown


If your cargo is located at the Transit Shed you would be required to present a valid photo ID to the Port Police Officer at the Port Authorityís Administration Building located next to the C.K. Greaves Supermarket. There you would be issued a temporary Port temporary pass to gain entry to the compound. Your Port Pass should be kept visible at all times while on the compound and entry to the Transit Shed will be denied in absence of your Port Pass.


Customs Documentation Acceptance
  • Take the completed Bill of Sight and ASYCUDA++ Bill-of-Lading signed by you the consignee or your Shipping Agent along with the Delivery Form to any officer of the rank Executive officer or Supervisor of the Customs and Excise Department.

  • The officer will vet the documentation and if found to be correct will affix his/her signature to all copies to the Bill of Sight as acceptance on behalf of the Comptroller of Customs and Excise Department.

You will be required to open, unpack and repack packages at the request of the Customs Officer


If your cargo is at the Kingstown Port Transit Shed

  1. Take the Delivery Form to the Port Authorityís Location Window where the location of your cargo would be affixed on the Delivery Form.

  1. Take Delivery Form to the Port Authorityís Shed Clerk to have your cargo physically located and then transported to the nearest Customs Examination Area. 

If your cargo is at the Geest/WIBDECO Shed or Campden Park Container Port (CPCP) step#3a does not apply; proceed to step #3b.


Customs Clearance
  • Take the Bill of Sight and ASYCUDA++ Bill-of-Lading to any Customs Examination Officer located on site. The Officer will examine the goods and affix the description and value of the goods onto the Bill of Sight.

  • Present completed Bill of Sight to the Customs and Excise Data Entry Clerk, who prepare a declaration. The Declaration is affixed to the Bill of Sight. The documents are then returned to you the consignee to make payments at the Customs and Excise Cashier.

  • All duties and taxes must be paid at the Customs and Excise Cashier. After processing, the Cashier returns to you a copy of the Bill of Sight, receipt and the Bill-of-Lading. You will then go to the Port Authorityís Tailgate Clerk for further processing.


  • Take the Delivery Form to the Portís Tailgate Clerk located at your site. Your tailgate charges will be calculated and excess storage fee will be charged if your cargo remains in the port's storage for more than five (5) working days.

  • Collect your Receipt Voucher and Delivery Form from the Tailgate Clerk and take it to a Port Cashier. Pay the Cashier the required charges. The Cashier will give you a cash Receipt and return your Delivery Form with the Port's official stamp, a receipt number and the date of payment will be recorded on the form. The receipt is for your personal record.


  • Take the Delivery Form and Assessment Note to the Portís Gate Pass located on site. You will be given a Gate Pass.

  • Arrange transportation and give the Gate Pass to your Driver. This will allow the Driver to enter the Portís Compound. The Driver is required to present a personal ID to the Portís Police Officer if your cargo location is the Transit Shed

  • Have your Driver go to the Portís Delivery Section at your cargo location, present the Gate Pass to the Clerk and Police Officer and collect your cargo

  • The Gate Pass will be returned to the Driver and must be presented to the Port Police at the Exit Gate 

  • Port Police will make a final cross check of the cargo and the Gate Pass to ensure that you have received the correct barrel/package

  • If you and the Driver were issued Portís ID please return them to the Port Police, collect your ID and exit the Port Compound


  • The Complete transaction of clearing your barrel/package can be done at one location

  • Signs will be clearly marked indicating the various business transaction points

  • To reduce congestion on the Portís Compound, the customer is asked to limit his/her company to one additional person

  • Children under 12 years old are not allowed on the Port Authorityís Compound

  • Verify if any information is posted to the Delivery Form by Customs as a lead for the processing of the Gate Pass or to show that the Customs no longer has an interest in the cargo and the Port is now free to deliver to customers.

  • Should you encounter any cargo misplacement or loss please call the Portís Customer Service number 451-2191